Re-Opening 2021-22

Be sure to review our reopening documents below!

Lana Retirement 2021

Retirement Celebration for Lana Landry

You’re invited to celebrate in recognition for Ms. Lana Landry’s 27 years of dedicated service at RRVJA.Contact the school for […]

Enjoy the Summer, Office Closed til August 15th, Students return September 9th

Enjoy the Summer!

The School office is now closed for the summer holidays & will re-open August 15th. Students return on September 9th. […]


Administrative Staff   
Ian Mighty, Principal, M. A., B.Ed., P.B.C.E , Admin. Cert.

Evelyn Mallorca, Ryle Mutya, Administrative Assistants

Daniel McGuire, Vice-principal, B. Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist, Art

Lori-Lee Forteau, Home & School Leader (Alumni)

Instructional Staff
Charmaine Mitchell, B. Ed. B.A ., Early Childhood Specialist

Ruby-lynn Tagarao, B.Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist,    (Grades 1-2 Page)

Vinette Brooks, B.Ed., Early/Middle/Senior Years Specialist

Hye Young Lee, MA. English Lit, B. Ed., Early Years Specialist

Angela Manzanares, B.Ed., Diploma, Early Years Specialist

Shelly-Ann Young, B.Ed., B.A.  Middle Years/Junior/Senior High Specialist

Alvin Waite, B.Ed., Early/Middle Years/Junior High Specialist

Ryle Mutya, B.Ed. Junior/Senior High Specialist (Alumni)

Lana Landry, B.H.Ec, B.Ed., (Honors), P.B.C.E, Junior High Specialist (Alumni)

Maheshwaree Rycha-Yagambrun, B.Ed., (Honors), BSc. (Honors), Senior Years Specialist


Resource Staff
Bryce Kraushar, Teacher Support

Irena Ott, Teacher’s Aide Support

Kassandra Peart, Teacher’s Aide Support

Sling Velasquez, Teacher’s Aide Support (Alumni)

School Development Coordinator
Cormac Foster E.I.T. (Alumni)

Pr. Shaun Young, B.A. (Religious Studies), AEC.

School Bus Operators
Nicolae Budica
Laurie Chambers

Building Custodian
Noel Vedoya

Digital Media, Programming, & Technical Support
Colin Erskine & Khuram Gill

Winnipeg Child Guidance Clinic
Reading Clinician
Speech & Language Clinician
Social Worker