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W.I.S.E – Week in Spiritual Emphasis

It is a Week in Special Emphasis (WISE)  “Finishing Strong” May 4th to 8th @ noon for Students and their […]


Please see attached responses to frequently asked questions regarding School Closure during Covid19.

RRVJA Covid19 Response

Current Illness Policy and Coronavirus Response Plan

Parents, staff, and students of RRVJA must be aware of our policy and response plan for the COVID-19 pandemic. Please […]


Administrative Staff   
Ian Mighty, Principal, M. A., B.Ed., PBCE , Admin. Cert.

Evelyn Mallorca, Eveth Smalling Administrative Assistants

Daniel McGuire, Vice-principal, B. Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist, Art

Pat Forteau, Home & School Leader

Instructional Staff
Charmaine Mitchell, B. Ed. B.A ., Early Childhood Specialist

Ruby-lynn Tagarao, B.Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist,      (Grades 1-2 Page)

Vinette Brooks, B.Ed., Early/Middle/Senior Years Specialist

Hye Young Lee, MA. English Lit, B. Ed., Early Years Specialist

Angela Manzanares, B.Ed., Diploma (Elementary Teacher), Early/Middle Years Specialist

Alvin Waite, B.Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist

Martin Gospodinov, B.Ed. Junior/Senior High Specialist

Lana Landry, B.H.Ec, B.Ed., (Honors), P.B.C.E, Junior High Specialist

Maheshwaree Rycha-Yagambrun, B.Ed., (Honors), BSc. (Honors), Senior Years Specialist

Adeniyi Ola, P.B.C.E, BSc. Senior Years Specialist

Krishna Yagambrun,  Band Consultant

Resource Staff
Wendy Sampson,  B.Ed., Resource Specialist

Irena Ott, Teacher’s Aide Support

Rey Jereos, Teacher’s Aide Support

Kassandra Peart, Teacher’s Aide Support

Ina Wulf, Teacher’s Aide Support

School Development Coordinator
Cormac Foster

Alexandra Moly, B.A. (Religious Studies)

School Bus Operators
Nicolae Budica
Laurie Chambers

Melvin Arcon

Noel Vedoya

Child Guidance
Reading Clinician
Speech & Language Clinician
Social Worker