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RRVJA I dream of... Expressions of Hope

RRVJA Book Project “I Dream Of…”

Order yours today at the following link. Visit:


In-Harmony Music & Arts Festival Program & Registration

New Schedule posted. This year’s In-Harmony: “Building Bridges Through Music and Art” Man-Sask Conference Music & Arts festival happens May […]

Growing Forward a new home for RRVJA

Pursuing a new home for RRVJA

Watch our video: RRVJA is pursuing the opportunity to move to a new building and grow to become Man-Sask Conference’s […]


Administrative Staff   
Ian Mighty, Principal, M. A., B.Ed., PBCE , Admin. Cert.

Evelyn Mallorca, Administrative Assistant,

Daniel McGuire, Vice-principal, B. Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist, Art

Pat Forteau, Home & School

Instructional Staff
Charmaine Mitchell, B. Ed. B.A ., Early Childhood Specialist

Hye Young Lee, MA. English Lit, B. Ed., Early Years Specialist

Ruby-lynn Tagarao, B.Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist,      (Grades 1-2 Page)

Angela Manzanares, B.Ed., Diploma (Elementary Teacher), Early/Middle Years Specialist

Alvin Waite, B. Ed., Early/Middle Years Specialist,

Mervin Prime B. Ed., B.A., Junior/Senior High Specialist,

Lana Landry, B.H.Ec, B.Ed., (Honors), P.B.C.E, Junior High Specialist

Maheshwaree Rycha-Yagambrun B.Ed., (Honors), Bs. (Honors), Senior Years Specialist

Krishna Yagambrun,  Band Consultant

Resource Staff
Wendy Sampson,  B.Ed., Resource Specialist

Irena Ott, Teacher`s Aide Support

Vinette Brooks, Teacher’s Aide Support

Bryce Kraushar, Teacher’s Aide Support

School Development Coordinator
Cormac Foster

Mark Ricalde

School Bus Operator
Nicolae Budica

Melvin Arcon

Noel & Letty Vedoya

Child Guidance
Reading Clinician
Speech & Language Clinician
Social Worker